5 best Best Places To Get Married In Tuscany

Tuscany is known to be a charmed land which is blessed by the genius of a man and nature or may be it is a combined effort of both. Imagine the vineyards, rows of vines that are subsided on either hillside, Every inch of the land is designed in such a way that it would make anyone fall in love with a place .These are very reasons why couples decided to have the romantic wedding in Tuscany.

This region in the heart of Italy offers plenty of amazing choices and possibilities to mainly have an unforgettable wedding and one can also opt for Indian destination weddings in Italy.Here are the introduction of the best places to get married in Tuscany.

If one is looking for some elegant ambiance then you must visit the Tuscan historical cities.


This place is in the top of the list because no other city in Tuscany has such richness and history in the pieces of art.This city creates such a beautiful ambiance for the couples that would get to create the special scenery for the wedding in the Red hall in Palazzo Vecchio which has been the protagonist Florentine political life. After the grand ceremony, one can also have the wedding reception in some grand hotel or some restaurant to enjoy the atmosphere.


This place is smaller than Florence but it is no less romantic.It offers the best intimate frame for your wedding in Tuscany.In fact, the beauty of the city is unquestionable. The wedding ceremony can be celebrated in palazzo Publicco which gives a very charming and elegant atmosphere.After the wedding , one can also enjoy the toast in some cafe and celebrate their reception on some castles and villas.


It is more like jewel protected by walls. This place would be loved by couples who have a soft corner for historical places.This place is filled with all kinds of cafes which make it a perfect picture of your wedding in Tuscany and also the beauty of the palace for the civil ceremonies that would make you speechless!

Hamlets in the countryside:

When one is talking about the wedding places in Tuscany one should not forget about the lovely hamlets in the countryside which is so unique.


This is a small town which is placed on a hilltop.It is actually famous for the birthplace of the Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio.The narrow streets and the houses of the red bricks are actually decorated with all kinds of colorful flowers that have maintained the charm of the medieval past.The civil ceremony can take place in the beautiful church.

This place has a lot to offer if you want to get married in Tuscany.

Italian wedding guide Be its romantic castle, the seaside or same-sex wedding in Italy.

It is certainly not a secret: to get married in Italy, it is like one of those dreams for many couples. The beauty of the landscape, the beautiful location is itself one of those reasons to turn your wedding into a daydream. It’s definitely not just the ”famous people” who would choose the country to show their love, but a lot of couples who comes all the way from different parts of the world to celebrate their wedding and honeymoon in one fell swoop.

Wedding services by Italian dream day:

The choice of getting married abroad is one which can fill the heart and soul with excitement.There are a number of things that should be considered while planning is :

  • Place
  • cuisine
  • decor and entertainment.
  • Enchanting and unforgettable ceremonies :

    While planning a wedding of your own can be exciting and a rewarding experience, even the brides, and grooms can take professional help to make their day a perfectly designed one, especially getting a wedding planner who would arrange everything from photography, videography and entertainment. Here at Italian dream day, our planners offer custom- tailored wedding destinations as according to your needs. You can choose for medieval themed weddings, the elegant and historic villas, majestic castle wedding in Italy with hillside views. You are the one who would choose the style of your wedding and together will turn the wedding into a unique celebration. Your ceremony would be based on your personal choices like symbolic wedding and vow renewal ceremonies which would be well guided by us. For those who love the sea, nature and the feeling of freedom, they would for sure opt for the seaside wedding in Italy a very original ceremony held on the beach.

    The legislation’s of marriage between two people of the same sex have been discussed not only by the western govt. But also all over the world. Many proposal laws have been submitted from various parts of the world. At the moment there are many countries where the wedding union between the same sex has been legalized. Although same – sex wedding in Italy is not legalized. Yet we make sure that if the couple is interested in making a symbolic ceremony in front of their loved ones then we would help them in making their dreams come true be it in any kind of beautiful locations in Italy. Same-sex couples are assured that they are given the utmost respect that they deserve and the whole event is carried in a better way. We will attend to every event in details like offering bridal beauty treatments, dress and groom suit, jewelry, make- up and artist, entertainment, music, and dance reception, favors, gifts for the guests and making a paperwork management.

    You can sit back and enjoy your dream wedding with genuine happiness and fullness while we offer you the best of services.

    Destination wedding in an Italian castle

    A destination wedding in an Italian castle is a great choice for couples who want to create a very special setting for their Dream Day. The castle is very versatile with a mix of inside and outdoor spaces. It can be used for summer and winter weddings. It is perfect for a civil ceremony, a symbolic ceremony or a proper Church wedding. The reception can be tailored according to your taste. It can be very minimalistic or sophisticated, and the space can be decorated to your taste, with candles to keep the original castle magic or with flashy lights to make it a fantastic stage for a bash party. Castles sizes vary. The one in the photo above can host up to 550 people for the reception. Getting married in a Medieval castle that dates back to 11th century is a proper unique experience, that only Italy can offer, especially as the prices are affordable. Try it!