Flowers and plants are the most important item to take care of after the location. Clearly flowers are to be chosen according to the couple’s personality and the location style picked for your dream event. It can be very confusing to make the right choice and to opt for the best seasonal flowers, as there is a great variety of them and they are not adequate for any season. Did you know in fact that peonies are great for the spring, dahlias for the summer, callas for the autumn and tulips for the winter? Then there are of course flowers for every season and they are easy to guess such as roses, lilies, orchids, etc.

How about an eco-friendly wedding where all your deco is actually biologically grown and instead of using flowers that are treated with chemicals you use only locally grown flowers, plants and evergreens? The all green and colorful decorations are like a magic touch that no wedding can do without.

What is essential for a sophisticated wedding is not to use any artificial flowers, not even on the favors sachets!
As your wedding planner, and a connoisseur of flowers, I can surely help you to make your choice and find the best flowers that will reflect the style you intend to use throughout your big day, by studying every single day with care and love. Budget is important of course, so that plays a role too when designing your event and planning costs. Leave it to me, I will take care of it.